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I took several of the training’s offered by this company and found them to be excellent.- MT

Just a reminder that the October 20th and 21st workshops are right around the corner, but there’s still time to sign up. In the GIS Essentials: Mapping Your Community Workshops you will learn to create maps and analyze data about your local community. Great for beginners and those that would like a refresher on mapping and ArcGIS. Workshops are taught by bestselling author Gina Clemmer using the text the GIS 20: Essential Skills (included in registration).

These are half day, hands-on workshops (9 AM / 12 EST to 2 PST / 5 EST). The workshops are taught online, by a live instructor. Students login from any computer and view a screen share, and dial in to a conference call. The class is conducted like a live class where students can ask questions and participate in group discussions.

Basic workshop: Focuses on teaching fundamentals of using a Geographic Information System (GIS) for community analysis and mapping. Participants will learn how to create basic reference maps, color shaded maps and geocoded maps (address mapping).

Advanced workshop:Students learn how to edit map layers, perform spatial queries, how to use geoprocessing tools and about geodatabases.


October 20th


November 17th



October 21st


November 18th


Materials: The GIS 20: Essential Skills book is included with your registration. This book is one of the top ten bestselling cartography books on Amazon and it’s the only ESRI book in the Library of Congress. It will be used for exercises and class discussion. The book includes a six month version of the software.

Instructor: The class is taught by Gina Clemmer, bestselling author and GIS expert.

New Urban Research | 3323 NE 33rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97212 | 503.575.9096

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